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Princess of the Timber Forest Owls
You're-going-to-like-me ... you're-going-to-like-me ... did it work?
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where it all begins
Rinoa didn't realize it was Friday, or that she hadn't taught her class today. Rinoa didn't remember the last time she'd had a full conversation with another human being, instead of just nodding at people and waiting for them to go away.

She was too deep in her book.

She'd been obsessed with books before, but never like this. It was a Sorceress's life, spilled out on the page. It was all of her questions answered.

Rinoa had started taking notes, lately, of important messages and sequences of events. Sometimes she'd go back and re-read an earlier chapter just to be sure she had it all down. She couldn't believe she still hadn't reached the end of the book yet. She'd been reading obsessively for ... it had to be a few days, now, but the days were all blurring together. And she was always just at the good part, just where things where getting interesting.

And she was learning quite a bit. Such as: early Sorceresses had used one another as their protection. They had formed an enclave and secured one another's hearts. Knights had only come later -- Knights had been an issuance by the town, an instruction. Allow these men to guard you, Or Else.

And then the Knights had started to betray. Did Edea know that that was the true nature of Knights? Only a Sorceress could guard a Sorceress's heart. It suddenly made so much sense.

She was hunched over her book, as she had been for hours. Her stomach growled, but she ignored it. She'd eat soon enough. Whenever. It didn't matter.

(Expecting one -- can be open if anyone else would pop in! This isn't the store proper, which is closed, just a back room.)
[end] through dangers untold
Rinoa should have talked to Squall. That would have been the easy, logical choice, right? Talk to Squall, tell him what was going on, ask to borrow Quezacoatl.

Except ...

Except Squall didn't understand. He couldn't. He didn't know what it was like, not knowing who or even what you were. He might have said no, or I'll think about it, or only if I come with you.

Leland Gaunt knew what it meant, to be somebody who didn't understand a whole part of yourself. She was helping him, and he was helping her. Squall would have just -- messed it up somehow. Even if he didn't mean to. Even if he meant for the best. And he did mean for the best. He always did.

So Rinoa had waited until Squall was asleep, and she had Junctioned Quezacoatl. It had been easy. Now all she had to do was go to the store, and she could let Leland borrow him in exchange for her borrowing that book.

That book ... she couldn't begin to imagine what secrets might be inside it.

She hadn't slept well, so she'd risen early in order to make breakfast. That was totally normal. Not a guilty move at all. Breakfast was an important meal.

(Post and conversation are FB, except for the bit where she Junctioned Quezacoatl -- that's NFB.)
[art] cranky rinoa is cranky
"Squall!" Rinoa was in a mood today. Everything she kept saying was coming out wrong. She hadn't pieced together exactly what Fandom was doing, but it was making her cranky. Plus it was cold out, which was hardly his fault but it was certainly aggravating her mood.

"Where are you?" she asked, setting down the bags of shopping she'd brought in with her. "I'm in an awful mood, and I want to pick a fight with you!"

Dammit. Fandom was making her talk like a crazy person.

(First thread is for the Knight, but if anyone else wants to stop in, FEEL FREE. Bring your popcorn...)
[noir] fierce
Dawn was creeping over Fandom when Rita stumbled back towards her club. She'd had a fun night, but she never stayed the night unless she was hoping for a mistress gig, and Leon was just the hired help.

Speaking of, the bruiser was insisting on walking her back like a gentleman. Or like someone who was paid to be sure she didn't end up with a knife in her back.

The early-morning hangover wasn't helping her senses out any, but the sight peeking out from the dumpster shook her out of her fog.

"Are those legs?"

Just what she needed.

(Squall Leon modded with permission, natch)
[noir] shrewd
This was HER club.Collapse )

This wasn't over. The Magic Box was hers. Sooner or later, Angelface would figure out that he'd underestimated her.

(Open for anyone who wants to talk to Rinoa Rita. The club itself is going up shortly!)
[end] listening closely
Stranger and stranger. The other-her, the Rinoa that Lady Caraway felt like she was tracking through time and space, apparently owned a store in town, at least according to the tiny blonde Sorceress who worked there. How had she come to settle here? Mr. Sta- Jono said that the Rinoa he knew had gone to school here, but Rinoa had been privately tutored most of her life.

They still had no real progress on the other question, what had caused the rifts and portals, but the emergence of new faces on the island seemed to indicate that more and more of those were opening, almost as though cracks were appearing in a dam just short of bursting. It wasn't a reassuring thought.

The benefit of everyone assuming you owned a store was that you were perfectly free to make use of the merchandise, and so Rinoa had helped herself to several of the books from the back of the room. She would put them back when she was done, but for now, one of them might help.

She was in street clothes today, as there was no one to impress, and she'd replaced the bottle of chianti from the other night with a pinot noir. Rinoa sprawled out on the couch, one of the heavier tomes on her lap, hoping to find something, anything, that might explain what in the world (worlds? universes?) was going on.

(open for housemates or visitors!)
[danc] coy
The Lady Rinoa Caraway concentrated, and a horn curled out of the side of her head. It wrapped around itself like a conch shell, laying flat, and she squinted at her reflection.

No. Not with this outfit. A swipe of her hand and it disappeared. Maybe more of a headdress?

Rinoa understood the importance of presentationCollapse )

(OOC: Rinoa is now AU: she received her powers at age five, and is the Protectress of Galbadia. Oh, also: she's on good terms with her dad, and has barely met this Squall guy. ESTABLISHY AND ALSO OPEN.)
should have expected that
You would think that after an entire freaking year of not working at all, the portals at least would have the good sense to behave themselves. At least, Rinoa would think that, and Rinoa would be entirely wrong about it, because they'd been delayed six or seven times and stranded in some weird desert area for a good forty-five minutes for no real reason and she was just starting to worry that they were going to get trapped somewhere out in the multiverse and just stuck there forever when finally they were here.

Tramping through the familiar streets was at least improving her mood, if not curing it entirely. It had been a long day, okay!?

"If we're in the wrong Fandom somehow, I am going to burn this whole place to the ground," Rinoa threatened, as she dug out her phone in order to send a text.

SORRY SO LATE. We might be here. If this is a magical alternate universe, then I quit.

(squall modded with permission. for the knight and their host!)
[end] can't find you here
There were at least forty-seven things Rinoa hated about being back home. Near the top of the list was the bowing and scraping.

Bowing and Scraping, a Phone Call Gets Through, a Text to a KnightCollapse )

Packing. There was so much packing to do. Someone was going to have to clean up these scrolls. Surely one of those suck-up weirdos wouldn't mind.

(ESTABLISH-A-MUNDO. furnaceface was cool with the phone call, yo.)
[edea] oh noes!!!
Rinoa was curled up against Squall, not bothering to wake up just yet. They'd had a lovely picnic last night with Karla and Warren, albeit unexpectedly, and there were no classes today. She really ought to be working on her political science homework, but she --

And that was when the realization hit her. Rinoa sat bolt upright, panic flooding her veins. It couldn't be. It wasn't.

But it was.

Her sorcery was gone. The entire side of herself was -- missing. There was just a hole where that bit of her soul should be.

Rinoa opened her mouth, but couldn't speak. So instead she reached a hand out to flail in Squall's direction, helplessly. What could have taken her powers? Who? How?

(For her Knight, but open if anyone else wants to call / visit. Rinoa lost her Sorceress abilities and gained -- you'll see. :) )
[balc] under the stars
Rinoa did not know exactly how someone went about making a room look magic-friendly.

Okay, her room always looked magic-friendly, because it was her room and she was a Sorceress. But specifically, Tara was coming over so they could practice doing magic together, like, joint spells, and that made Rinoa wonder if she should somehow set the proper mystical tone.

She had the massive boxes and crates in some semblance of order piled onto the other bed already, since they were almost done (!!!) and about to go back to her father (!!!!!!), so that helped. She cleared an open floorspace where they could work, and sent Angelo to play with Squall for the night. She lit a few candles and placed them around the room, dimming the lights and then opening the window to let in a nice breeze. Wait, did that seem more mystical or date-y? Magic was hard.

(Just for the lovely life_inshadow please!)
[sq] kiss me like you mean it
In retrospect, Rinoa should have chosen a dress that was easier to take off. But then wasn't that half the fun?

Maybe not. She was spoiled and didn't like having to wait.

"I think the files are nearly done," she said, fidgeting just outside the door to Squall's room. "I haven't called Dad to tell him yet. It's going to take me a few days to throw everything back together, and I need to go over the files again anyway. And then what? Did you know Seifer's going to college?"

And then, as if to prove she was especially attention-deficit tonight, she pulled him in for a breathless kiss.

Maybe he should hurry up and unlock the door.

(just for the knight, will probably be NSFW, as you do)
[art] fascinated and sharp
Rinoa was bored. And so tired of paperwork. She was nearly done, she could see the end of it, but she just couldn't power through it.

Time for some boredom-inspired text messages. Most of which were going to Squall. Okay, she thought they were going to Squall. And then she was going to sulk that he wasn't showing up right away and keep texting him.

And some of her other friends: Seifer, Sookie, Jono. But mostly Squall.

No, she wasn't re-reading the texts to spot that autocorrect had gone haywire. Why?

(this is going to have many links added in, yes. mostly establishy, can totally be open.)
[sq] wispy hair kisses
Rinoa had made it to class today. She had even gone to the Anarchist Club, at which point she had swiped the condoms and brought them back here.

She had been here ... pretty much since Friday, when she and Squall had failed utterly at going to the dance. The days were starting to blur together. Also, she was pretty sure today was Valentine's Day, which meant Squall hadn't gotten her a Valentine's Day gift, and sooner or later she was going to need to yell at him about that.

First things first.

"Did you know it's not just us?" she asked, stealing a moment to squeeze the words out while peeling off her shirt. "The sex thing. I thought you just looked extra-hot lately."

She hadn't really thought about it. Thinking had seemed counterproductive.

(OOC: this one's for the Knight only, and it's probably going to be NSFW so, so fast. I'm not sure if I'm back-for-good just yet but I'm dipping my toes in, at least.)
[sq] held safe in your arms
Seifer was back. The world hadn't ended. The island was restored. The paperwork was still here and in order. She hadn't killed Topher over that D&D game thing (or let Squall kill him, either) and ... okay, maybe she had used a lot more power than she had meant to while she was protecting the forcefield, and maybe she almost hadn't come back, but that was okay. And by "okay" she meant she absolutely wasn't thinking about that just now.

There was one very important thing left to check, and a phone number that could not ring fast enough.

"I need to speak to the general, please," she told the secretary. "This is his daughter, the Sorceress, and it's more important than whatever he told you about holding calls, so either you put this call through right now or I'll come there and set you on fire."

Well, that was one way to be patched through quickly.

"General Caraway," said a brusque voice in her ear.

Oh Hyne he was alive, and he was okay, and he wasn't gone forever. He really, really wasn't.

"D-daddy?" she said. "I-it's so good to hear your voice. I th-thought ..."

That was all the further she got before she started crying. So what if maybe, she actually told that man that she loved him, for the first time in years. Maybe it needed to be said every now and then. Shut up.

(establishy, will have links later! can be open post-phone call i you like)
14th-Nov-2011 10:54 pm - Room 421, Monday Midday
[ros] thx for the headache
Okay, the good news was that Rinoa hadn't gotten married this time. She had just played in some kind of a recital and ... and convinced Seifer to get a cat.

The bad news was that weetiny her had not cared much about organizing her paperwork, and had scrapped all of the piles in order to tie ribbons on to Angelo. Which meant the very minor start she had on Friday was already gone, and she was going to count herself very, very lucky if no files had ended up in the wrong folders. Or if there weren't any paper airplanes or stickers on any of these.


Angelo was baying, sadly, about her fate, and Rinoa ... did not really have time to dedicate towards giving her the thorough washing and brushing that her furry bff needed, not when her dad might call at any minute and want a preliminary status update.

So she tied a quick note to Angelo's collar which read Rinoa's room full of files, and I need a bath. Can you help???? ♥ before scritching her dog's ears.

"Can you go to Squall?" she asked. "Squall? You know where he is. Go see Squall."

Angelo barked, nuzzling Rinoa's face. She was a highly-trained rescue dog. 'Go find that guy you hang out with all the time' was not exactly a hard mission.

And now. And now, to obsess over prisoner forms from the past two decades. She cracked her knuckles and dove in.

(Angelo hand-off modding is with permission, door closed, post open. Will have links later when I am less lazy)
10th-Nov-2011 03:43 pm - Room 421, Thursday Afternoon
[edea] holy shit wtf (nt)
So, there were lots of things that could distract Rinoa right now -- like calling Zone for updates, which he didn't have any, thanks a lot, Zone, or working on a gift basket thing for Jono, because he had a face now and that meant he needed a gift basket with edible things and other things that you could use when you had a mouth. But she didn't want distractions.

This time, when she dialed the office of the acting president, she informed the secretary that it was important.

"I don't care if he said not to be disturbed," she said, huffily. "Tell him it's the Sorceress."

Her eyes were narrowing at the less than enthusiastic reply.

"Fine," she said. "Go tell General Caraway that his daughter has only been waiting an entire month for any sort of update on Timber, and is pleased to see how little of a priority she is to him."

She slammed the phone down and was not crying. Her eyes were a little blurry because it was allergy season, shut up. Not because she had actually mistakenly thought that maybe he gave a damn and wasn't just playing along or anything. She didn't care about him. She hadn't bought it for a second.

(there is going to be a return phone call very very soon. the door is cracked, but the post is open; please note whether you're popping in before or after the phone call, as that's going to be a very different mood.)
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